Cigarette Filter Rods

November 6, 2018

Filter rod maker for NWA (Non-Wrapped Acetate) filters. A filter rod making machine contains a plurality of feed wheels (50) for feeding filter elements (fA, fC) at intervals; a conveyor (18) for receiving the filter components (fA, fC) from the feed wheels (50) and forming a component stream during which the filter parts (fA) and the filter factor (fC) are organized alternately; a wrapping equipment (62) for forming the ingredient stream into a composite component column (CE) wherein the filter components (fA, fC) are in shut contact with each other, and then into a composite element rod (ER) by wrapping the composite aspect column (CE) in a paper internet (W); a slicing apparatus (92) for reducing the composite factor rod (ER) into individual filter rods (FR); and a phase change apparatus (112) for adjusting the rotation phase of the feed wheel (50) on the idea of data on the filter rod (FR) lower.
It is a well known proven fact that the machine or humansmoked “tar” yield of the last few puffs of a traditional filter-tipped cigarette is way better in amount menthol filter rod than that of the primary few puffs Consequently, the “tar” within the first puffs could also be perceived by the smoker to be relatively low but in the final puffs could also be high sufficient to be perceived as “too strong”.

TABLE 1__________________________________________________________________________COMPARISON OF PUFF-BY-PUFF “TAR” YIELDSTAR PER PUFF (mg)CONTROL CIGARETTES CIGARETTES FITTED WITH EXPERIMENTAL FILTERS (1) (2) (three) (four) (5) (6) (7) (8) CONTROL MANAGEMENT CONTROL SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLEPUFF NO. 1 NO. 2 NO. three NO. 1 NO. 2 NO. three NO. 4 NO. 5NO.
A wide variety of cigarette filter rod options can be found to you, similar to free samples. Capsule filters are the current cigarette market favourites. eleven. A cigarette filter rod as claimed in declare 1 through which two or more substantially parallel tube members are included.
A cigarette filter rod as claimed in declare 4 in which the tube member is fashioned by an impervious film. 7. A cigarette filter rod as claimed in declare 1 through which the tube member has between 1 to six apertures in its outer wall. 17. A cigarette filter rod as claimed in claim 1 together with a tobacco rod to form a filter-tipped cigarette.

These filters also provide higher tar and nicotine retention compared to customary monoacetate filters for the same strain drop. Cigarette filter rod merchandise are most popular in North America, Domestic Market, and Western Europe. NEMUNO BANGA is an skilled producer of a wide range of cigarette filters based in Lithuania.
Based on the present invention, a cigarette filter contains a filter factor of fibrous materials, the fibres of which prolong longitudinally between a primary end which is for attachment to a tobacco rod and a second finish, and which surrounds a longitudinally extending tube member, one finish of which is closed and is situated at the first finish of the filter element and the open finish of which extends to the second finish of the ingredient, the wall of the tube being provided with one or more radially extending apertures adjacent to its closed end to advertise radial circulate through the fibres of the filter ingredient adjacent the aperture or apertures and being dimensioned in order that they continue to be open to permit circulation communication by means of the wall of the tube all through the interval that a cigarette supplied with the rod is smoked.